Baked beans on toast with options

This old British favourite couldn’t be easier! But we have suggested a few variations that might be new to some of you.

Preparation time

3 min

Cook time

5 min

Total time

8 min






  • Baked Beans
  • Wholemeal Bread


  • Heat the beans and make the toast. Use any options as you wish.
  • Pour beans on top of toast and eat immediately. Sprinkle with yeast flakes if using.

Optional extras / notes

  • Try a wholefood brand of baked beans such as Biona or Whole Earth - they are sweetened naturally and tend to be lower in salt. But if the only brand that exists for you is the iconic blue tin... well, spoil yourself! Use the best quality wholemeal bread you can get - try rye or other types of bread for a change.
  • Try nut or seed butters (eg peanut, cashew, almond, tahini) instead of margarine.
  • A little yeast extract (eg Marmite or Meridian) is also good.
  • Half a teaspoon of cumin powder stirred into the beans makes a nice change too.
  • Hot pepper sauce - a dash
  • Spinkle with nutritional yeast flakes. Engevita brand is sold in most health food shops. They have a nice, slightly cheesy taste and are full of goodness. (NOT the same as brewer's yeast!)
  • Grill or fry some tomatoes and sprinkle with black pepper.